A redesign of the Giant Campus web site
For this project I provided artistic direction and all graphic resources. I also helped develop the user experience of the site and the school enrollment process. It was built by the Development team of Giant Campus using Drupal and was overseen by Giant Campus’ Vice-President, James Peters.

This site marked a major departure from the company's previous direction. Giant Campus used to be focused on summer youth camps, but is now an online high school. I helped to develop a new graphic approach to its branding to reflect this change. The new design is aimed at students,parents and guardians, and school administrators. It is cleaner and more sophisticated with an underlying vibrancy. My goal was to invoke a welcoming feeling that is also smart, dependable, and youthful.

The site is no longer up. the company was bought by Education2020, which later became Edgenuity.

Charlie Potter - Creative Lead
Project lead, providing visual design, documentation, Drupal development, CSS creation, and direction.
Giant Campus Engineering Dept

Reported to:
James Peters, VP of Product

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